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Maider Holding - Maider NCG

Maider NCG, joint venture company of Mauser Packaging Solutions and Maider Holding, is the Italian leader in the reconditioning of industrial packaging. As a first-of-its-kind example of circular economy in the European industrial packaging, in the last 30 years Maider NCG has been promoting the innovation in the industry, focusing on technology and sustainability.


Maider Holding - net4capital

Chef in Camicia, Domino’s, Golée, HiNelson, JoJob, Kippy, MAAM, Planet Smart City, Rentuu, Seon, WeStudents, WeTaxi are only some of the companies Maider has been backing on in recent years. The aim is to support their growth, providing them with entrepreneurial and managerial skills, an extended network as well as capital. In order to develop new and bigger projects and to provide a stable and complete support to the target companies, Maider, together with other experienced partners, created Net4Capital, an origination company in the private equity and venture capital industry.

Maider Holding - LIFTT

In Turin, Maider’s hometown, is also based LIFTT, an operating investment company that promotes an ethical business model inspired by the ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Criteria), which requires respect for the environment, sustainability, social and economic impact and adherence to the values of their founding members (Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo e Politecnico di Torino through Fondazione Links).


Real Estate Development (RED) Group is the entity through which Maider develops ambitious projects in the real estate industry on a national and international scale. Each project aims to have a strong social, architectural and technological impact in the city context it is placed in.


Corso Matteotti 47
10121 Torino (TO)